Full name: Choco Sakurai
Japanese Name: 桜井 ちよこ
Birthday: 5th of May
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Shopping
School year: year 8/ 2nd year of junior high school.

Choco is a serious and steady person. She is not good at drawing and singing. Mimi is her childhood friend and they get along together well. She likes Andrew and she has 2 younger brothers, one in year 6 and the other in year 7.


Full name: Mimi Nekota
Japanese name: 猫他 ミミ
Birthday: 3rd of March
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: shopping
School year: year 8/ 2nd year of junior high school.

Mimi likes to work at her own pace. She's a mother's girl. Mumu-chan is her favourite (maybe) but also her rival. If Choco was a boy, then she would be Mimi's ideal boyfriend. She has a doting father.


Real name: Ryunosuke Andou
Japanese Name: 安藤 竜之介
Nickname: Doria
Birthday: 3rd of November
Blood type: O
Hobby: playing guitar

Though Andrew looks like he's a serious person, he has random moments of delusions (which are pretty weird xD). He loves Piccho his little bird and likes Choco.


Full name: Mumu Momoyama
Japanese Name: 桃山 ムム
Birthday: 20th of August
Blood type: B
Hobby: playing games

Mumu is rich and has a devilish personality. Even though is face is cute, he is a boy. It seems he has an older sister studying in Australia (?) He has pink hair.


Real Name: ? (not good at kanji sorry xD)
Japanese Name: 三上 功明
Birthday: ?
Blood type: ?
Hobby: ?

His nickname "mika" is from the word man (?) Prince. Nature. When he does something weird (more like maniacal xD) Choco and Mimi feel very confused.